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Monday, August 26, 2013

Two Left Feet

I have a very good friend. He's a medical doctor.

   I've never met him face to face, but that makes no difference at all. I don't even know exactly where he lives.

   It doesn't matter. His name is Ashley, and he occasionally writes poetry, about things that matter to him, to other people, to this planet and to the universe.

   Recently, he wrote a sonnet – just fourteen lines, for Tracey and me. He wrote it because he knows all too well how the tide comes in and goes out relentlessly, disinterestedly, on human affairs, and he keenly senses the changes in that tide.

   Here are four of the fourteen lines. I could reproduce it all here but it's not blog etiquette, so I'll limit myself to just four, and ask you to go here to see them in proper context.

   We found it beautiful, and it produced many tears in this household. Not from me of course, because I'm a hard man. I just wish I didn't have to keep telling people that all the time. 


It doesn’t matter things aren’t as they seem
The song which plays was not our first request
As no one scores a life from just a dream
You had me at my worst, I had your best


Thank you for caring, drng. 


  1. Wow Denis. What a lovely poem, especially the line: 'The song which plays was not our first request'. Makes you think, doesn't it? Sorry you have to keep reminding us that you're a hard man, but methinks thou doth protest too much.

  2. What's this damned wet stuff coming out of my eyes?

  3. Ashley is a beautiful poet. His poem "Goodbye" is one of my very favourites. Now I have another very favourite. xx


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