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Monday, February 7, 2011

Grace and dignity

Below is the acceptance speech by the winner of the scholarship described in the posting I wrote some time ago that you can read here. I find myself moved by its grace and dignity.


Translated Speech of Kohinur Akter in the Award Giving Ceremony of 'Denis Wright Foundation Scholarship'

Assalamualaikum and Good Morning!

Honourable audience, I am Kohinur Akter. First of all I would like to thank all of you present in this award giving ceremony.

I am very happy and encouraged to receive this scholarship. I will be able to continue my education by using this scholarship. I am grateful to Dr. Denis Wright as he has extended his cooperation and help in the advancement of my life. I would like to convey my love and gratitude to Dr. Wright and pray that he gets well soon.

For this scholarship I will never forget the contribution of Ms. Tahsinah Ahmed. I am expressing my heartfelt gratitude to her. I am also expressing my gratitude to Dr. Susan and Dr. Colin.

I am also grateful to UCEP. Because UCEP has brought me from darkness to light. UCEP has enabled me to dream and have a hope for a better life.

I am thankful to Dr. Ubaidur Rob, the Honb'le Chairperson of UCEP Board of Governors, Executive Director Brig. Gen. Aftab Uddin Ahmad (Retd.), Directors and all other officials and teachers of UCEP Bangladesh.  

I want to assure all of you that I will move ahead, overcome poverty and contribute to the development of the country with the inspiration, support and cooperation you have provided me through this scholarship. I hope this cooperation will be continued and like before, you will guide me in my way to success and help me reach my goal.     

I again express my gratitude and thank you all.    

Kohinur Akter

Runi Chakma
BODHI has moved on from here to create more scholarships, this time for tribal minorities in Bangladesh whose lives and livelihood have been greatly affected by development in Bangladesh.

This is an ongoing project established as a memorial and you can see some beautiful pictures of the award giving ceremonies by going to the following page and downloading the pdf document mentioned in the bottom right hand corner.

The pdf document on its own has the download URL as

Riya Chakma

I remain convinced that the way for the future for those who will be the leaders in countries such as Bangladesh is to educate women and girls, because out of that educaton will come the way towards national progress. 

Educated women will not only create a good life for themselves and others they can assist - they will if they marry surely educate both their sons and their daughters.


  1. I am so inspired by this -inspired to do something however minor (minor in comparison to this wonderful legacy) to be of use. Again, thank you for being you and doing all this work with Bodhi (and everything else you quietly achieve). These lovely young women and their families now have some chance at a decent life, hard working though it will always be.

  2. Denis, when the far off day comes when women and girls will be recognised for their human dignity and potential, and will no longer be chattels, liabilities, and commodities, then your name will be among the heros. Superman underpants and all.

  3. I think if we look at it coolly and objectively even in this case, all this has is my name on it, and if it weren't for the hard work of Susan and Tahsinah, it would never have got off the ground.


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