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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


OK is a wonderful word. Not only is it universal, it signifies assent in any language without commitment, which makes it an amazing contribution to unofficial diplomacy. It’s neutral. It can save angst for that reason, though admittedly signals can get crossed as a result.

   What I mean is, Uncle Fester may email and says, 'I’ll be down there for a few days next week. I’ll look you up.’ You know the visit is almost inevitable, so you respond ‘OK....’ Even better is the fact that he can’t see your face or hear the tone of the ‘OK’. Diplomacy is preserved. Who knows, the visit may not happen if some minor miracle like a Category 5 cyclone occurs.

   Not that anyone in this household has an Uncle Fester we like much better at a distance than knocking at the door, as far as I know. I hope you understand that. It’s just an example. OK?

   If you want to know the origin of this fascinating word, go to

   It’s a quick but worthwhile read. Well, it’s certainly OK.

Today I had an itch at one point on the right side of the hamstring muscles of the right leg. I leaned down carefully and scratched the area with my right hand. Until now, I have had to reach over with the left hand and do the scratching.

   I haven’t been able to use the fingers of my right hand like that for eight months, because seizures smashed the connection between brain and muscles. But some of my hard work in reconstructive self-physiotherapy is starting to pay off.

   Now that’s not OK – that’s bloody fantastic!

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