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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Probably a quiet weekend

It's not shaping up as the greatest of weekends in the James-Pearson-Wright household, though I think Christian is doing pretty well, with a revived interest in playing the piano after the rigours of the HSC. His natural ability in music - a family tradition on his mother's side - meant that he practically picked up where he left off before we had to deal with my health problems, as if he'd never been away from it.

   Tracey seems to be struck with a 'not-quite' lurgy of some description, as I mentioned yesterday. A seemingly unshakable headache, nausea, some symptoms of flu but a flu that hasn't been developing, insomnia.... the hope is that she'll wake up later this morning and feel better. Given that we had those flu shots a fortnight ago, I'm hoping it's not going to end up in a full flu session, as there seem to be some nasties going around already, and the season has barely begun.

   I don't mind so much feeling crook, but I hate it when Tracey does.

   <StartWhinge> Me, well - it's four days till the next infusion, and the cracks start to show round this time. I've been exercising as hard as I can, bearing in mind the Avastin batteries are flattening. After I did so yesterday afternoon and then showered, Brian decided to slip the knife in, and I had a seizure, the first in quite a few weeks.

   It wasn't a big one. If 10 on my Richter Scale of seizures is the worst one I've experienced, then this would have been no more than a 3. OK, 3.5 maybe, but it struck the right hand, arm and ran down the leg.

   I can't believe the amount it's set me back. My right arm seems to have lost half its strength and walking is double the effort. If it weren't for the strength of the left knee, then standing wouldn't work too well. The right knee goes rubbery. Nausea in the morning the last two days, head not great, sniffling, coughing a bit and one sneezing session, and a bit of a wheezy chest.

   Why are you still reading this moaning? You're not? Fair enough. I don't blame you and anyway it's just as well you've given up having got this far, because I'm not going to continue with it. </EndWhinge>

   I was going to tell you about the fresh raspberry incident that occurred a few minutes ago - the ones Maureen and Bruce brought in last week, but I'm not in the mood. All I'll say is that we now have a small bowl of lovely stewed raspberries and I'm hoping like hell there are no stray ones on the carpet that Tracey adores. Have you ever tried to find a fresh raspberry on a Persian carpet that's got a lot of red in its pattern?

   I thought not. Just don't spill an open punnet of them on the kitchen floor, that's all I can say, especially if you can barely bend down to pick 'em up one by one....


  1. The raspberries would never be seen on the Persian carpet anyway. Not like a full glass of red wine on Fran's white carpet the other night (no, not me nor M thank goodness!)

    Whinge as much as you want to. We all whinge, and you have every reason to. I'm so sorry to hear about the siezure and about Tracey's mystery unwellness. Sounds like one of those vague viruses that strike now and then. In some ways they are worse when they are vague, as you don't know quite what it is or when it will go. Anyway, hope she's getting lots of sleep and Christian is becoming a good cook and bottlewasher!

  2. You make it all the way to the bottom of my blog posts, don't you? You do...don't you? I whine all the time and I give you my permission, even though you do not need it :)

    I got ill after the flu jab I got this year. It is the first time ever this happened to me, but the symptoms only came along about 4 days after the shot. I discussed this with the nurse at work who gave me the shot and she said that any effects should be evident 24 - 48 hours after the jab, not longer.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  3. A few words on these two before I go to bed. You're probably right about the carpet, Julie. But in any case, none were there. I put the raspberries in syrup on to some porridge yesterday morning and it looked like half-cooked mince but tasted fine!

    Many thanks for the permission to whine, Heather - now that the junkie has had his hit for the next 3 weeks, he will try to avoid it anyway and just do positive stuff. Of course I make it to the bottom of your blog posts.... well, mostly, I am pretty sure.... Your after-4-days symptoms seem very similar to ours. Tracey is still not 100%. But I'm glad we got them. Bad flu would really knock me about. Now I'll see if there's any new entry on your blog!

  4. Oh wow! just found that lovely comment you made on Twitter about my blog stories - thank you so much! Here it is, just to skite...
    "Really loving @deniswright's stories from his childhood on his blog. He has a beautiful way of writing that reminds me of beloved books."
    Very kind of you, all the way from South Africa!

  5. That blog address -


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