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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Murphy's Law and its variations

There seems to be a variation on Murphy's Law that almost never fails. Write down how everything is going along just great, even say you're not going to tempt fate by saying it, and ouch! kick right up the backside even though you're sitting down.

It's no drama really but I was writing about how good and energetic I was feeling this morning and how many writing projects I had on the go, even listing them, and several other things you were dying to know, and the dreaded lockup of the computer occurred, and yes, I was writing in the one space where I couldn't recover any of it. I couldn't even take a screenshot with which I could just type it out again with this one good hand.

Oh well - it's a test of equanimity and grace, isn't it? This time I am typing into a 'safe space' and unless that OTHER version of Murphy's Law occurs, where everything you do is negated by some malicious demon with a probability of .000000001 occurring, then....... STOP! Let's just start again or it could happen.

I was saying how the return of cloudy mornings has taken the freezing chill off, and I feel more active and alert, with all systems go. I was bewailing the fact that my circulation system seems to have slowed down to the point where on a chilly winter morning here in the study, I feel like I would be better to be a lizard or snake that should be lying out on a warm rock out of the wind, drawing in heat and energy from the sun to really get me going.

These are the things I am writing about. Come hell or high water, you are going to be told anyway, just to prove my mind is still active:

The second and final part of what I was writing on the Advanced Care Directive
The scars around my eyes
The milking machines and the wonderful diesel engine
Gap year
More on truth, illusion and reality
Boat people
And another I now can't recall, dammit.

I was also noting how the days are actually lengthening from now on, so that in theory at least we are heading for summer, even though here in Armidale we have a good three months of winter weather to go....

See? It's all a jumbled mess now! But you get the point. Everything's going OK, in this week that's usually the best one of the three-week cycle.

Now, back to sorting out the big computer, warming my feet and writing about the Advanced Care Directive. This laptop's fine, but I am sadly missing all my typing shortcuts that are only on the desktop computer, a different breed altogether.

Watch this space!

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