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Monday, December 24, 2012

Looking ahead, being here today

Compliments of the season to you for 2012, and a happy, fruitful 2013 for you. It seems that a lot of us haven't had the best of years in 2012, but look at it this way.

We're here. We're lucky enough to have a device that reads what's on the screen before our eyes. We may be suffering in some ways, or be with someone who is, and who takes much of our loving care and effort. We may be people in the full flush of life. No matter what, we're here.

I hope you are able to be in contact with family and with those others who matter, over the next few days at least.

My wish for all for 2013 is for contentment and peace of mind, no matter what the year ahead has in store for us.

Carpe Diem. As Erma Bombeck said, "Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved off the dessert cart.”


  1. And the same to you, Denis.
    Leunig is saying it for me this year, better than I'm able:

    "Here I am.
    Alive on Earth.


    Knowing others.
    Known to others.

    Yet also, unknown,
    And alone forever.

    Soon I will not be here.


    Thank you for your beautiful writings in 2012, Denis, and for sharing your mind (in more ways than one), your heart, your life's experiences and your wisdom.
    As my dear Dad would have said, "If there were more like you, there'd be less of the other sort..."

    1. What a beautiful thing to have said about you. Me. I'm not too sure about the wisdom bit but I'd like to think the sharing of experience has given others a new window on their own lives – or at least, a different one.

      Thank you, Ros. The best Christmas presents don't always come in pretty paper but in the kindness of others. Consider it unwrapped – and thanks to wise old philosopher Leunig too. I think about you and Dave on this day. With you two here, and a number of others who read this blog faithfully, there are definitely that many fewer of the 'other sort'.

  2. Thanks Ros, I was wondering what to say and you did it for me ... perfectly.

    And Denis, I am awed by your objectivity, cheerfulness, lack of self-pity and consideration for your friends.

    You and Tracey and families have the best Christmas possible and, hey, another year beckons.

    Love to you both.


    1. You and Julie, Bob, are definitely in Ros's category of the 'right sort'.

      Thank you and please enjoy the day [I suspect you both will, as you should!] and may all go well for you in 2013.

    2. And you say it perfectly for me, too, Bob. Denis' "objectivity, cheerfulness, lack of self-pity and consideration for (his) friends" is exactly what it is. I want to say something cliched here....but I won't. You and I both know why we, and many others, deeply appreciate visiting this blog. Merry Christmas, Bob....and Den...and the legendary Wonder Woman, Tracey.


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