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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twitter power

Last week Mark Colvin posted a tweet regarding an answer I gave on this blog about future treatment for my brain tumour. If you look at the stats for my blog for the week, you can see the effect of that. 

   Normally, as you can see at a casual glance, the viewings go along at a steady rate as family and friends check in to see how I'm going, either by looking at the WHAT'S NEW! page or the last blog entry, but that big spike coincides with his posting the URL of my comment.

   Colvin of course has a large following on Twitter, because he makes interesting comments on breaking news with integrity and good humour, and points people to the net location of stories by those he knows are insightful and worth reading. Even if a small percentage of people pick up any link he mentions, that would undoubtedly boost numbers dramatically, if temporarily, for a small blogsite.

   I am in the fortunate position where I don't really care whether people visit the site or not - I just know that family and friends can get a quick update here without having to ask what may be difficult questions, or read a new story from my past if and when they choose. But even as a total rookie on Twitter as I am, it doesn't take long, once you find the right sort of people to follow, to understand what immense speed, power and spread of information it is capable of generating.

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