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Footnotes for story

These footnotes accompany the 'My grandmother said...' story. 

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(1) Both my grandfathers died before I was born. Hence I can't think of either of them as Grandad or Grandpa or Papa. I always felt that I missed something because of this (and undoubtedly I did, though Grandfather Wright had a reputation for being pretty fierce. I suspect I'd have been a bit scared of him. On the other hand, I think my Mum's father, Grandfather Miles, would have been much less scary; the sort of man our dear Uncle Bob, his son, is now.)

(2) This map, courtesy Google Earth but adapted by me, shows our house, (still standing), and the location of the Cemetery. It also shows how big our property was in comparison with the township.

Of interest to family will be these (incomplete) online records. I now know for certain that I had to be well under 4 years of age when the wasp incident occurred, given Granny's (i.e., Lucy Wright's) recorded death date.

Portion of records (incomplete and slightly inaccurate)

Family members will see that my father's death is recorded here as 1865, not 1965. Somebody's typo, I guess, though it makes me wonder how far back into the records the error goes. Maybe poor Dad was the first ever time traveller in our family, and managed to get born more than half a century after his death.

(3) Not unlike it feels now and again these days when a Clexane injection to the stomach hits a bunch of nerve endings, really…..

(4) Cold water works very well with insect stings, for as long as it's running on them. Much like burns.

(5) This quote comes from a learned medical doctor, a brilliant man, though as influenced by the values of his time as any of us are of ours. 
You will enjoy or at least be fascinated by other parts of his book, Curiosities of Medical Experience. Credulity is belief without reason; superstition is reason without belief. Beautifully put.

All images apart from those personal backgrounds (all of which come from our farm) have been adapted, changed, Photoshopped to blazes to suit my graphics needs, and the original photographers may not wish to acknowledge them. They are free of licence.

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