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Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, 24 September 2010

Diary Update
It's now ten days since the first injection of Avastin - long enough to have a mini-review of how it seems to have had an impact.  It is hard to say for sure though, because there are so many variables, and effects may be wrongly attributed to causes.
I think the increase in Keppra to the maximum dose together with the tumour inhibiting function of Avastin have been responsible for the fact that there have been no seizures for the past 18 days. This is the longest period since the tumour was detected that there have been none, which is wonderful. Not only have the seizures stopped for the moment at least, the risk of seizure seems also to have fallen.
This means that the physiotherapy on my arm can proceed with less risk, and even more importantly, remedial therapy for the right arm has begun - an attempt to recover limited use of the arm and not merely pain relief through manipulation of the shoulder joint. This is an important step both physically and psychologically.
Right leg mobility has improved a little with the pause in seizures and perhaps a positive effect from Avastin. I'm not getting too excited about that yet.
On the debit side, several tests with the monitor reveals that my blood pressure has increased significantly in the past week. This is a known side effect of Avastin but it could also have been aggravated by eating some ill-advised foods. Back to a sensible diet until the blood pressure is under control!

While Tracey was resting up after her operation today, Sylvia made me a fruit salad, the contents of which were diced fresh:
apple, pear, strawberry, blueberry, kiwifruit, papaw [papaya], red grapes, rock melon, and mango.
Delicious, especially when steroid use makes me greedy!
Several of these at least are often described as inhibitors of tumour growth, especially the red grapes and strawberries. 
Such foods are described as natural anti-angiogenesis foods - ones that are reputed to starve the tumour naturally of its blood supply. There are plenty of sites on the web that discuss this process and of course their reliability may vary, but I rather like this one. Why? Because it advocates red wine and dark chocolate, as well as the usual suspects!!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and what appears here is simply the product of my experience with my form of cancer. It carries no authority in terms of treatment and should be seen merely as a point of reference to medical advice from professional medical sources.

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  1. Here I go. Another try at posting.

    Of course, Denis, I want to hear all about your dreams, nosey, prying person that I am.

    You can remove this comment as it is just a test.


  2. Dreams are windows on consciousness so they can reveal all sorts of things. I'll make an effort to remember but sometimes all I remember is that it was an interesting dream! I need a notebook handy to my pillow as often it just needs a few keywords to bring the dream back. I don't remember many in the past few months. Nosey, prying people are good! :) As to posting and the options, I wonder if one of the last two options would simply allow you to post without signing in. That is what I want.. Maybe someone else can help here. Have a good retreat!

  3. I like the red wine and chocolate recommendation! Though it's definitely good to temper all that with a lovely fresh fruit salad. What's all this about dreams? I'm very prone to anxiety dreams which generally involve rushing around trying to find my way somewhere or, even more common, trying desperately to find a clean loo! I also quite often dream of tidal waves and have come to wonder whether that doesn't reflect a feeling of being overwhelmed.

  4. I'm certain that our dreams come from our subconscious - or other levels of consciousness - and are often the mind's way during sleep of trying to cope with or understand a problem we are usually grappling with consciously. Repetitive dreams are interesting and I suspect most significant. I am wary of 'dream book' interpretations of iconic symbolic meaning in dreams, as I suspect the real meaning of a dream may well be less complicated/esoteric than the 'dream meaning' books indicate. [Sorry, that's very poor English!]

  5. If dreams are a reflection of our thinking I think I might be in trouble! What do 'smell' dreams mean I wonder. The other early morning, I woke several times after 'smelling' the srongest, sweetest 'cigar-like' smell in my dream, which lingered just long enough for me to remember when I woke...and caused me to go on a search of the house, twice!

  6. Hmmmm - very interesting. So none of your kids have taken up smoking a pipe, huh? :) I don't know about that particular sense being activated by a dream, but it's certainly true that a smell of something can be powerfully evocative. There's a particular type of toast smell that puts me right into my grandmother's kitchen at Station Avenue in Gaythorne, Brisbane - in 1957! Let's know if you 'smell' yourself into another dream!


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