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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Routine - try to establish and keep one

In the past 9 months or so I have become convinced that people under treatment for any sort of cancer benefit greatly from as strict a self-imposed routine as possible. This includes
  • The time you get up
  • The time you eat and take medications
  • Other meal times
  • Periods of sleep
  • Showering etc.
  • Time you go to bed

You find that you often have to break these schedules to be able to keep appointments with medical people or others you have to work around, but on the days you don’t have these commitments, keeping to your normal timetable helps to give your body a predictable rhythm. 

I’ve noticed how being thrown out of this rhythm too often puts extra stress on your body and mind. You don’t need that. If it’s within your control, stick to that routine 7 days a week if possible and take tension from your system. Stress surely doesn’t help you deal with your illness, and your stress levels can rise over small matters much more quickly than for other people. And when tired at any time and you are near a bed, sleep! It's very good for you.

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