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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Diary update first....

6.00 am: A rather restless night, but nights following chemotherapy and the extra drugs that go with that usually are accompanied by some nausea. At least it's not the throwing-up kind, just a bit of mal de mer.  It makes sleeping broken, especially when I'm drinking a lot of water to try to get the drugs that have done their job out of my system. I'll eat sometime shortly and take the meds required at this time. 2nd day chemotherapy begins at 1.00pm.

1st day on Avastin plus chemo was a challenge in the endurance stakes, starting with blood tests at 11.45 am and the whole process completed by about 4.30 pm. It's a long time to sit in a chair, and my back felt the effects when I lay down last night. Seems OK today, anyway. I'm sure you don't want an infusion by infusion description but the back of my hand is a bit sore from the long period with a cannula inserted in the vein. I hope they find a good vein today. It's the worst part of the process - finding that vein, I mean.

Eat what for breakfast?
I regard what I eat as very important, especially while it's a chemo week. It doesn't stop me from having some occasional treats; a half glass of wine, or some nice cheese on a cracker, or a wicked slice that dear Maureen Watson brings from their lovely farm at Kentucky [not USA!] but in a chemo week, fairly bland fare is safest. 
Breakfast is usually two Weetbix, no sugar, with rice milk. I drink hot water - an old Chinese trick which is good for the stomach. All morning meds are taken at this time. Six different tablets and capsules - you don't want to know... or do you? Tell me if so. Later in the morning I will probably have a piece of toast and a cup of good tea before crashing back to bed for a couple of hours.

PLEASE NOTE: I am still not totally au fait with blogging, and I don't know if I have the settings right for allowing comments, but I think you have to sign in through Google or something like that for your comments to be accepted. If you try commenting and it still doesn't work, please let me know and I'll see what I can do to get it right.


  1. This is a test comment on my darling's blog :-)

  2. My next try...for me this blog is very good, especially if Denis manages to write it as often!No more wondering about your day.
    You are like an explorer reporting from a path we don't know, pushing through the difficulties, hoping for a clear patch to get your bearings. We follow as best we can, or wait for news from base camp, guarding the supply line..
    As for needing to know about medication, some people will want to know that, and others needn't read it! You always make wise decisions.

    Now I'll press 'post' and hope for success! Julie xx

  3. Dennis. to see these first posts is actually very inspiring. Dont give up. i'm from Chile and you've managed to sound so loud that i saw an article in a local newspaper.
    keep holding strong. I'll continue reading =)


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