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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Medical Report Wednesday, 12 Jan 2011

The MRI in Tamworth today went smoothly and we brought home the images to ponder. The report is still being prepared for the oncologist appointment on Monday, so we don't know just what it will contain.
   This is definitely one time when we can’t venture a strong opinion on things without the guidance of the report, and even that may turn out to be rather vague. As far as we can see, there is nothing in the images significantly encouraging or discouraging. It is obvious that there has been change and tumour activity, with indications of what appear to be slightly more inflammation and some expansion of the tumour, but nothing dramatic. 
   It would be pointless to speculate too much at this stage. Really it seems to be pretty much what we expected in a general sense, as I have had several reminders in the past weeks that there is no ‘steady’ state for this condition.
   It’s of course the nature of this thing not to remain static. We’ll see what the report says when it comes and consider the oncologist’s advice on Monday. I’ll certainly do all in my power to continue eating natural anti-angiogenic foods to assist the Avastin, and increase exercise as long as the seizures are kept at bay.
  There is no need either for great joy or undue pessimism, or so it seems. We’ll see what the more expert advice indicates on Monday.

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