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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Arthur C Clarke's 31-word story

I found this here. It amused the geek lurking inside me. So mid-1980s!

'In 1984, science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke submitted "siseneG" to Analog magazine. Clarke’s cover letter was as terse, stating "This is the only short story I’ve written in ten years or so. I think you’ll agree that they don’t come much shorter."'


  1. Wonder if he kept a backup somewhere.... just in case he felt like playing some more later. ;-p

  2. Scotto:

    I'm thinking that God must have had a Commodore-64, given the timing, and the commands. After a few aeons, I'm not too sure how good any backup would have been. Still, He could have created something a little more dynamic:

    20 FOR I = 1 TO X
    40 NEXT I
    50 END

    Suggest be very careful as to the value you give X. Start with 10! :)

  3. I know. Not much of a universe, but you have to start somewhere.....

  4. Maybe you need to add a little recursion to get the fractal goodness happening... :-)

    Return MyUniverse : Q(z)= z^2 + c;

    But, yes I was thinking the same thing, it sounded very C64 with the LOAD RUN ERASE commands. :-)

    And as a computer geek, I think maybe this image may be to your liking... have fun....

  5. Crumbs. That pic looks like the garage here until Tracey got into it! I had about 8 computers stored there [including 2 C-64s.]

    Re your recursive equation, it looks just like a black hole to me, just like the one in my memory. No chance of reversing that, huh? :)

    PS I have NO idea how your recursion works. I better stick with C-64 BASIC, I think.


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