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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Choc-coated ginger dilemma

An elegant little box, which used to contain a full complement of dark-chocolate-coated ginger sits close to me on my desk. It was bought for me by my beloved, because of the anti-angiogenic properties of both ginger and dark chocolate. 

  This is very fortuitous for another reason. No-one else in the house likes ginger, nor is particularly fond of the darkest chocolate.

  Therefore, its contents are mine, all mine.... I can eat them at a rate of my choosing, unlike anything else in this house with any trace of chocolate in it. Leave it lying round here, it rapidly disappears without trace. (Or should I say, with Trace. Heh heh.)

  In the corner of the box, I see that there are two pieces remaining. I eat one.


  One left. It’s not large - about half the normal size.

  I don't really need it. This is a dilemma.

  If I leave that one piece, and open the box tomorrow and find a half-sized piece, will I be overcome with disappointment? Will I feel short-changed?

  Or even worse, if I should die tonight, leaving that piece uneaten, how regretful would I have been if I had known that?

  And how sad would it be if that last piece were thrown away, because no-one in the house likes choc-coated ginger?

  I just want you to know that I have solved this dilemma.


  1. The shops are open today. Can someone please get this man a good supply of dark chocolated coated ginger!!!

    Denis, we would be fighting over it if I were there. My mother loved this little treat too, and so do I. I used to eat unsweetened dark baking chocolate by the chunk.

  2. :) Actually, Tracey has given me a supply of sugar-coated ginger, which I have to be very careful to ration appropriately. She also bought me an elegant tin of Cocoa d'Arriba dark choc leaves. Slowly sucking away at the ginger plus adding a leaf of the choc halfway through is probably better for me than the rather generously sweeter choc coating on 'the Pleasure Society' box I finally disposed of yesterday.

    Come and see us next time you're in town!


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