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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Clayton's explanation

I suspended a series "Pants on Fire" even though there was an interesting discussion going on. It's not lost, but it caused me some stress because it was clear that, in order to clarify things in other forums where it has generated debate, I would have to spend more time and energy doing so than I was prepared to put into it.

   Leaving it on will only generate more discussion elsewhere that I'm not prepared to have right now.

   These two, time and energy, are in short supply right now. I am sorry not to have responded to some comments, but they are not lost. For the moment, I have other priorities on how I wish to spend my blogging time.


  1. All good :) your stuff is the most interesting of all, I think. Us followers of yours just want you to know we're around. And you're on our thoughts. x

  2. Oops! Silly fat fingers! I meant 'in' our thoughts. :P

    1. "On" is fine. Thanks, Suz. I confess to not even noticing. Reminds me of when a young woman said on a TV show that one of her ears was a slightly different shape to the other. Of course, now everyone's attention was directed to what was not even remotely on their radar before.

      Maybe I should have done so with this entire thread!


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