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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mobile phone user?

I have a little request to make of you. If you use a cell-phone or other mobile device to access this blog, will you kindly let me know if it is now taking an unacceptably long time to load?

The reason I ask is that I added a couple of items to the right side navigation bar which demand that the computer access quite a lot of information from this and other sites before it finishes loading the page.

On this blog, for example, it has to calculate from the data available the number of visits to each page, the top ten for the month, arrange them in order and give them thumbnail images.

From other blogs it has to calculate which of them was last updated, assemble them and provide each with an icon. I also had a thumbnail image for each blog entry but decided against that option to save download time.

I had another fancy little program there too, that showed the last ten visitors, where they came from and what they were viewing on this site. That was fun but again it means accessing data and arranging it. It also added advertising to the site, which I don't want. This is a no-ad site!

All this seems to make little difference on a computer, or an iPad. I'm not sure about a mobile phone like an iPhone. But what I do know for sure is that accessing the site from the primitive browser on the Kindle takes ages now and didn't before.

I'll discard every bit of gimmickry on the site if long loading time stops people visiting from mobile or any other device. But I'd just like to know if that's your experience.

Now let me write another childhood story, which I've not done for too long. I have a few sitting there to complete.

Many thanks!



  1. Easy and fast on the iPad, Dear. An iPad Is a mobile device that pleases an old nun.

    From Sr. Aiden.

  2. No difficulty on my iPhone either, Dear.

    Sr. Aiden.

    1. Greetings, Venerable Sister. I never thought of you as either easy or fast, but too much Game of Thrones an iPad does strange things to the most disciplined of Religieuses.

      Yes, there's no problem on the iPad, so thanks for your thumbs up with the iPhone.

  3. Loads absolutely normally on my HTC Desire Android phone. It's worth knowing that Android, iPhone and iPad all share the same open source browser classes - it called Webkit - and it just blew me away when I discovered this.

    What that means is that what you see on your iPad is almost bound to be matched elsewhere.

  4. No probs on my iPhone .... Fast & clean

  5. Thanks for the replies. I think it all comes back to the primitive little browser they built into my tiny Kindle. Under the circumstances it's amazing what I can do with it, but it struggles. Hint for new bloggers: use a white background for your text. Simple browsers have difficulty with any sort of coloured backgrounds.

    I have an iPad so knew there was no trouble with it. Obviously from what Dave says, the more sophisticated mobiles have no trouble either.

  6. Everything takes forever to load on my old Smartphone but now I have a tablet and it is much faster. My son says the iPhone is king.


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