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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A desert flower blooms

My sister Jan sent me this today, the third anniversary of our mother's death. It's just a personal memoir, but I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks, Jan.

Memories of dear Mum   
9th October 1920 - 9th July 2010
When Mum moved down here, she had to leave her Desert Rose bush in Gladstone.  

 Mark had filled his big covered trailer with all of her favourite plants growing in pots to bring down - but this one was growing in the ground.  

 About a year later, Ken and I managed to find a Desert Rose in flower for her and she loved it. It sat on her little patio - but despite her best efforts, it didn't ever flower again. 

 She finally asked me to bring it over here. I repotted it, but didn't have any luck either.   The plant, although looking healthy enough all these years, produced no flowers. 

 To my surprise and delight, just recently after all this time, this lovely flower appeared, followed by a couple of others. Well dear Mum... it took a while... but we finally got there....

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