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Thursday, July 25, 2013


If you don't usually go to the medical (WHAT'S NEW!) section, it's probably worth a look today and yesterday, just to get the feel for how I'm travelling. 


  1. I recognise the hospital food-pushing scenario. To be kind to them I think it is aimed at those whose affliction includes not eating.

    FWIW here is my script (for which, incidentally, I have been marked downwards on the "eating appropriately" index - bugger them!)

    -All the little biccies and snacks - "I don't eat between meals"
    - All breakfasts -fruit and yogurt only with meusli that Ros makes and I bring in
    - All lunches - minimum order of sandwiches
    - All dinners - small main course serving only and no dessert

    It makes filling out the menu forms very easy and they are used to it now.

    Hospital is the only place where I can be safely weighed and with this regime I actually lose weight during a stay.

    Neither you nor I are going to waste away!

  2. Goodmonring Den,
    You are resilient and adaptable, and your figuring out your way around hospital diet is further testament to those qualities.
    When Dave is in the rmarvellous rehab ward in Castlemaine hospital, I see him being enromously self-disciplined in saying "no" e.g. to the biscuits he's offered with every cuppa, as well as to the desserts that come with each main meal. We don't eat desserts at home, except on special occasions.

    Piling on weight for someone with high BP and confined to a wheelchair is, igws, dangerous. Yet, some hospital staff wring their hands anxiously and make notes expressing concern about his nutrition. They fear he'll lose weight, which is precisely what he is aiming to do. He has to be quite seriously determined, standing up to nurses' admonishments, to keep his portions small and food choices wise.

    You are right - it is very definitely about "taking control" of your own health. You know more about your illness and health needs than the nursning staff will ever know.

    Keep on keeping on.
    You're doing it brilliantly.

  3. Travelling 'lite' is brilliant, and 'own decisions' are always good. You are a lighthouse, Denis. Carry on with your carryings-on :)

  4. My education into what provides so called "dignity" to those of us who no longer understand was provided in a Nursing Home where my mother, in the throes of dementia, lived. All my ideas went out the window when a kitchen hand called Esther showed me what real care, compassion, interest and friendliness was. She was a young woman of Island heritage with a lovely smile and bright disposition. The other patients and my mother delighted when she was on duty, and after a time so did I. Anne P.


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