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Monday, July 22, 2013

This beautiful hospital

It's true. It is beautiful. I'm feeling a bit guilty making fun of hospital food, fearing that my new friends here might take it personally. Hospital food is universal. That much is apparent. I wrote this as a comment on the last posting:

One thing I want to emphasise. In spite of having a little fun with the food, the last thing I want to do is give an impression that the hospital is at fault. They have to feed a vast variety of people many of whom would regard the way I like food cooked as wrong. Many served by a rural hospital, particularly the older patients, expect vegetables to be what I call sadly overcooked.

The staff here and facilities are wonderful, especially in view of severe budget restrictions. Within two days, I've learned the ropes and fitted in, or we've adjusted to each other. I'd hate any of them reading this to take my fun personally when they look after me so well and I'm so comfortable! 

 That's all. Now I can go to sleep happy!



  1. Hello Denis, I do hope that any lack of excellence in your hospital food wasn't my fault.

    You see, about four years ago I found myself in one of our top private hospitals (known otherwise as a 'run-for-profit' hospital). I was there for three weeks and the food was superb; by far the best I have experienced during rather too many hospital holidays. The food was so good, in fact, that I later wrote to the hospital's CEO saying that the magnificent food, alone, made my hospital experience worthwhile.

    Big mistake.

    Two years later I was back for another vacation and, alas, somebody had decided that the food must be costing too much if a patient actually liked it. So it was then back to the same type of food that we have traditionally associated with airlines, school dinners and, of course, hospitals.

    These days I try to avoid hospitals and, instead, seek out restaurants - but I never compliment them on their food ... just in case I might go back there again.

    1. Ha ha! It's simple. Company B put in a lower bid and hospitals aren't there to provide restaurant quality food [the food should still be decent quality]. Their clients have no choice. So B got the contract next time.

      But restaurants rely on good food for their business and need to know when their cooking appeals. So compliment the good ones! That's their feedback on what matters to them. I think you got that bit wrong.


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