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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making life better for someone else: a picture

A picture tells the story better than a thousand words. It's so true!
This picture relates to the posting I made a couple of weeks ago. Here is the young lady who received the scholarship. A good friend in Bangladesh, Tahsinah, [pictured here] was responsible for much of the organising at the Bangladesh end. BODHI, especially through BODHI director Susan Butler, was the sponsor of this initiative.

Kohinur Akhter

Tahsinah commented:
"She was just overwhelmed with joy and gratitude, Denis. She gave a wonderful speech thanking you and BODHI. We'll have it translated and sent to you.  It was overwhelming for me too, and unlike Kohinur Akhter, I was stammering in my speech. We have the event recorded and will send you the CD."
The smile on this young lady's face makes my day. Look at her - brimming with life and intelligence and wanting little more at this stage than to commence training as a nurse - a profession to help others. Without a little help -  little by our standards - she would be destined to clean pots in a kitchen or sweep courtyards - if she could find a job at all.
    The only problem is... there are just 39,999,999 like her in Bangladesh alone, all just needing a chance to be educated, and who would take that chance with both hands, instead of complaining bitterly about having to go to school.

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  1. How truly good this is. A great Christmas present to us all just seeing these photos.


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