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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Making life better for someone else

Something good to talk about today. In a few days, a 16 year old girl in Dhaka, Bangladesh, will receive a scholarship entitled ‘Denis Wright Foundation Scholarship for Underprivileged Female Working Children in Bangladesh’. It’s been offered by the BODHI Organisation of which I have been a Director for many years, and will be an annual event for long after I disappear from the planet.
   This will give a young woman a chance at a better life than would ever have been possible for her otherwise. I can’t tell you more about her as the information on her life is confidential, but I’m very happy that BODHI will be doing this annually to make a tiny contribution in a productive way.
   Bangladesh has 160 million people – six times the population of Australia! - but living in an area the size of Tasmania. I have spent a lot of time there and though people here only think of it in terms of floods and overpopulation, I think of it as a beautiful country with generous and warm-hearted people.
   My work on Child Labour and Women and Child Trafficking in Bangladesh and other parts of Asia convinces me that education is the key to an escape from this cycle of poverty and exploitation of women and children.
   [NOTE: BODHI - Benevolent Organisation for Health, Development and Insight - tackles a range of issues, many unglamorous, that other aid agencies often are not keen on because they don't attract donations in the same way, and demand a great deal of patience, specialist knowledge and intelligence to make successful.
   BODHI's operations are based solely on need and not any religious affiliations. In fact, if it were based on any one religion and supported projects for people only of one religion,  then I would never have agreed to become a Director!
   Anyone seeing the projects we have funded and wanting to help needs only to click on this link. You'll learn much more about our operations by going to the website than anything I can say here.]
   Free copies of the online BODHI newsletter are available here.


  1. That's just wonderful news and very heartening for you, I imagine, as well as for the fortunate girls whose lives will be changed! I'm sorry you haven't mentioned BODHI more - I've just been reading all about it on its website (created by you, of course!) Each year I attend a sort of social/philanthropic network meeting (SDN -Social Developers Network)and this is just the sort of organisation they'd like to know about and maybe contribute to. I'm so glad there will be this lasting connection for you with Bangladesh. Nothing can be more gratifying than to know your work will continue in the world so usefully.

  2. I know, Julie – I shouldn’t be afraid to hold the BODHI hand out, as we are a small, tight-knit, very experienced organisation with minimal overheads, and if you see the range of our operations and the dynamic factor we try to build in, you wouldn’t credit how far we can make our dollars go. I will add a bit more to the posting itself as it will be more visible there than in the Comments section.
    Doing things for others is way more fun than having things being done for me. (Oh, and though I set up the website initially, Susan has taken over that function in reality for 2 years at least and is entirely responsible for how good it is now.)

  3. And when you donate some moolah you get a nice email from the head of BODHI

  4. Not to mention a warm fuzzy feeling that you just made the world a tiny bit better overall - and hugely better for someone or some group!

  5. Congratulations Uncle Den. What an honour!

  6. And the money isn't wasted on admin nor westerners doing the job. Locals helping locals in a culturally sensitive manner. And better still not shoveling western religion onto them.

  7. That's wonderful! :) xo


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