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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Damn cat....

*** Sigh ***

   I get caught EVERY morning.

   I have something to eat so that I can take my medications, make a cup of Curly Cloud green China tea, take it to the study, and turn on the computer. I open a new Word document and am about to strike the first key for the first character of the first word I will write today when

   Meeeoooo oooo ooOWWWww www comes from outside. Bang on cue.

   I can’t ignore it.  She’s absolutely DYING of starvation after some eight whole hours of not having any ‘crunchies’. She’ll faint away and expire in front of my eyes. Ears, well.

   Why can’t she mew so plaintively about 20 seconds earlier, before I’ve sat down and not after? Before the first sentence has formed in my mind, that brilliant inspirational piece that is now gone forever?

   Meeeoooo oooo ooOWWWww www - bring food or I’ll pass out. I’ll lapse into a coma and die and you’ll be sorry the rest of your sorry life.

   She’s an idiot. She could sleep warm, safe and snug in the house all night but no, she chooses outside.

   So I get her a small amount of food and she eats about a tenth of it and wanders outside again.

   She’s satisfied that the servant is still at hand – paw – and that she is still fully in control.

   And then I realise that I have pretty much written about all this before, right here on this Blob. January 18, 2011.  With pictures and everything. Go on - have a look. Click me.

   Dammit. It’s not as if I don’t have a score of other things to write about!

   Idiot cat....

   What’s that you say? “I know who’s the idiot....”

   I heard you. Don’t be impertinent.


  1. Adorable young tabby (male, desexed) out here in need of a home -VERY cuddly!!Tell Soxy she'd better watch her step. But seriously, people, this young cat would be a perfect pet for children (and I know cats :))
    Please ask your friends..I don't usually fight for a cat but this one is specially nice.

  2. So my blog has become a WANTED KNOWN Notice Board? *** joke *** I don't mind, especially in this case. I really hope you find a good home for this cute little character, who didn't ask to be born but is just asking for a chance (somewhere other than in this household)! DAW


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