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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, it is technically apparent....

It’s been quite eventful really, the past 24 hours or so. After a day of general seediness, I developed a serious headache last night.

   I’m not a person who’s ever been prone to headaches. True, I’ve had them in the past on those quite rare occasions when I’ve deserved them as a result of over-indulgence in ... various things that came from a Wine and Spirits Merchant.

   The point is, even though I’m an utter woos in these matters, this was a thumper. To be serious, such things weigh heavily on my mind, I must confess. In this case, it could be the consequence of a number of things, and I’ve decided not to go into the possibilities right now. I’m pleased to say that the actual splitter of a headache has gone, though I still have foggy head syndrome.

   That’s OK. I am all too used to that.

   I slept for a good six hours after going to bed early, but I did have a strange experience. I was lying on a hospital bed. Beside me was a doctor I had never seen before in my life. If I wasn’t entirely naked on the bed, then most of me was. If she said anything to me, I can’t recall any of it. She was focused on my groin. That’s a bit weird, I can tell you.

   Then, as if she had pressed some secret button like a bank manager does when there’s an attempted holdup, another medico appeared. He was standing behind her, and both were looking intently at me – again, and I was getting increasingly irritated by this – he was focused on an area below my navel and above my knees. Pretty well midway between them, in fact.

   I was lying neither on my side nor on my back, at about a 45 degree angle but facing towards these two who I can only assume were doctors. After what seemed an eternity, the male blond curly-headed chap spoke, very slowly and precisely.

   “What is technically apparent....”

   Yes? I was thinking, truly irritated by now. Get on with it, you tosser....

   I could hear butcher-birds or magpies warbling and the curtains in front of the windows showing evidence of light behind them, and I realised I was starting to wake. I was already between two layers of consciousness. No! Get on with it... say what you’ve got to say....

   “As we come face to face with....”

   My heart was pounding. Say it. Spit it out!! Now!

   But I was now more awake than asleep. I closed my eyes and tried hard to get back into the dream, but it was too late. For whatever reason I was not going to find out what all this was about, the two of them still staring intently at the family jewels, but alternating with the dawn chorus, including a gaggle of kookaburras, laughing their heads off. 

   Shouldn't that be a giggle of kookaburras? Just what I need. Even the birds think it's a joke. Go back to sleep... quickly!


   I thought if I scribbled down exactly what he said before I forgot it, then somehow this might lead me back to Dr Blondie-Shirley-Temple and his lady friend. I very much doubt it, though. A pity. I’d like the sod to stop beating about the bush and finish his sentence. I want to know what else I'm supposed to come face to face with.

   Look, for whatever reason, I got signed up by some malevolent spirit for a brain tumour. If there’s something else I need to know, just come straight out with it, buster. But I do reckon I have my fair share on my plate as it stands. And keep your eyes off the cojones. Both of you. Both of them, too.

   At least I don’t have a headache this morning, though obviously I'm feeling a bit bolshie. And yes, I have every intention of going on with 'Illusion, truth and reality' whether you like it or not!


  1. I'm very sorry to hear about the headache. Headaches are always horrible, but also worrying for you. Relief that it went away! As for the dream, hmm!! Joan should have fun with that one!

    'What is technically apparent' eh. Dreams so often do that. Hold out the promise of enlightenment and then stop just short! The region the docs were focused on is a very vulnerable one, isn't it. Maybe that's the point.

    Not as scary as a dream I had a few days ago, when I was minding someone's baby and looked in the pram and realised it was dead.

  2. Oh I don't mean to giggle, but in light of our Twitter introduction, it was pretty amusing!

  3. @ Syllable - it's OK to giggle. In fact, I hoped that's what a reader would do. If we lose our sense of humour then the world becomes bleak. I'm glad you enjoyed it!
    @ Julie The headache hasn't returned so far. I wonder what Joan will say! I'm very aFreud...
    I was cranky at the doc for spouting garbage - I mean, 'What is technically apparent..." would you buy a used scalpel from this man?
    I think you can take it for certain that your 'baby' is very metaphorical. Probably something that shouldn't have been part of that person... That's my take on it. I can rationalise anything if I choose....

  4. That's actually really helpful. Thanks xo.

    And hey, what do you people on Twitter talk about!!

  5. Depending on who you happen to follow, people on Twitter may talk about the weirdest things, as long as they do it in about one sentence.... so there's always the potential for misunderstanding. But if Syllable ever returns to this comment area, I want her to know that I am sure the dream has nothing to do with jock itch! :) I doubt if that condition would require the opinion of two medicos, even if at least one of them was a jerk.

  6. If you think about your dream enough and keep it in your mind, chances are good that you will have another dream that answers your question. It will come in a different guise, so don't expect the same dream characters or same setting. I had two dreams on consecutive nights in Canberra. Each said the same thing, but in very different ways.

    You could try Active Imagination. Even if you don't get immediate results, the exercise will deepen your subconscious involvement with the dream and you will be more likely to find a resolution in another dream. However, I don't think you will have any trouble finishing the sentences with your conscious mind during AI, but they might not be as unexpectedly insightful as what your dream characters would say.

    Julie is quite right, I think, that being exposed and vulnerable is involved in this dream. Also (re)generation and something "seminial" are implicated. Not much more can be said as the dream got cut off before the denoument.

    Also, in Julie's dream: a baby usually means the obvious -- a new project, a new beginning, a new life. If it's dead, then it hasn't received the attention and care it needs to thrive. Pretty basic stuff. If I had that dream, I'd take it seriously. As for someone else's child, perhaps it signifies someone else's needs you are unable to meet, but have taken on anyway.

  7. Hi Joan – you must be back from the dead heart of Australia (our national capital)! Actually I shouldn’t seem so cynical about it. It’s quite a pleasant place as long as you have friends there.
    I have to admit I have never tried to probe the deeper meaning of dreams too far, more from intellectual laziness than anything else. I like to think of meanings when I retain a good portion of the dream, and I have no doubt whatsoever that dreams contain keys that unlock or free conscious thought. Vulnerability is a very clear one and I am sure we can all relate dream experiences where we’re in a crowded place, yet we are the only ones exposed in some way.
    I find them fascinating, but at the same time I sometimes find the explanation for the metaphors in some books on dreams much too far-fetched. Beware stereotypical explanations! I do think you are on to the right track with your explanation of Julie’s, Joan. I guess that’s just another way of saying it appeals to me, or I agree with it. (So it must be right!)

  8. Dreams are very subjective experiences (understatement of the millennium), and stock interpretations of images from books are meaningless. Dreams exist in the context of one's current life, one's unremembered past, one's culture, and one's personality.

    Real dream work consists of working with a set of dreams and interpreting them in the light of one's waking experience.

    Not everyone has the time, inclination, or personality needed to work with dreams. I spent a year on dream analysis with a psychologist and found it didn't take much time once I got the hang of writing dreams down every day. They became easier and easier to remember in greater and greater detail, and I was astonished at the consistency in dream characters and themes. Since the psychologist went away and the dream work stopped, I no longer remember my dreams very often, but I am better at understanding them, although I don't spend much time on them anymore.

    Like anything, when you give some time to it, you get better at it and it gets easier.

    Jung says that dreams are compensatory to conscious experience, and their purpose is to bring balance to our conscious attitude. For example, if you dream that a person you know is covered in slime and mud, it could indicate that you are overvaluing their importance in daily life and should reassess your attitude towards them. The unconscious mind brings that person down to the degree that s/he has been overvalued in your waking mind.

    Also, he says that whether you consciously work with dreams or not, the compensatory attitude is effective anyway, unless things get really out of whack and one starts having neurotic symptoms. That's a good time to start paying attention to dreams, and they can often tell you what's out of balance.


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