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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

For your amusement etc....

1.   On procrastination - this includes 2 different and brilliant short animations and a very funny spot by Ellen Degeneres, someone I’ve never liked but who just went up 3000% – no, 5000% - in my estimation of her comic status.

2.   Pirated eBooks - you’ll never guess what they are! Top 5 Pirated eBooks.

3. Photo portraits - these really are amazingly honest portraits that I’ve seen, of people you probably know.

When people start off a comment about someone else with a phrase that means the opposite.

If you want to see something volcanic with fantastic WOW factor, go no further than this. I’ve never seen natural phenomena images like this before – nor the length some go to get the shots.


  1. The link to the volcanoe journey was amazing -thanks....always wanted to a volcanologist....

  2. oops ignore spelling error - was in too much of a hurry!!!

  3. I was imagining you vol-canoe-ing your way across the lava!

  4. The photo portraits are so interesting. Useful that they are all so well groomed:)in their different, wealthy and successful ways.


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