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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A very sentimental bloke

I wanted to post this here on my birthday (2 May), but life, as it should, got in the way. Anyway, it's so cheery that today's the right time for it.

    For those who don't know the work of C J Dennis, he was a poetic genius of the urban life of 1930s Australia. You probably need to understand some Australian idiom of early twentieth century Australia to appreciate it fully, but his works are available online.

   I don't know if they appeal today, but I hope they do.

To our very dear Den,

Our warmest wishes for a good day for your 64th today.

Have been enjoying The Sentimental Bloke lately, loving the humour and wisdom there, and the inimitable way it is expressed, and thought I'd just stick a couple of verses in here that bring a smile.

Yeh live, yeh love, yeh learn; an' when yeh come
To square the ledger in some thortful hour,
The everlastin' answer to the sum
Must alwus be, "Where's the sense in gittin' sour?"

Fer when yeh've come to weigh the good an' bad -
The gladness wiv' the sadness you 'ave 'ad -
Then 'im 'oo's faith in 'uman goodness fails
Fergits to put 'is liver in the scales.

Livin' and lovin'; learnin' day be day;
Pausin' a minute in the barmy strife
To find that 'elpin others on the way
Is gold coined for your profit - sich is life.

I think you've done a lot of 'elpin along the way, Den, and there's all the love from friends and family to share the day today. Have a special one!

Love from Lyn and Terry, and all the clan.

Thanks, Lyn!


  1. You were always MY 'pause in the barmy strife' during the thesis-and-other-stuff-happening struggle.

  2. But then you must admit I was the only one in the university who got exactly what you were on about (because of the nature of the topic). And your 3 thesis examiners! :) (And I have yet to finish my story on illusion and reality, which I haven't forgotten about. Obviously they relate.)

  3. I'm really looking forward to that story. Hope today is a good one for you. It is for me - my little red hen escaped the fox after all! She was hiding in the bushes. The old red hen was taken..but she was VERY old. That little red hen is under no illusion about foxes -she's escaped fox attack twice now!! Let that be our metaphor (?) for the day.

  4. I guess in a way it's the kindest fate for an ageing chook, but pleased the other got away. If the fox can reach them, it eventually will, so hope the other one is in a safe place. Always welcome, you know!

  5. Happy Belated birthday :) I'm @saritaashley from twitter, here to check out your blog.


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