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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

When I'm 64....

I’m not sure how much psychology plays its part in how things happen, but I’m sure it’s a great deal. Things feel very different this morning from what they did yesterday.

    But I’ll come to that in the posting below.

    One thing’s for sure, it was a pleasant day yesterday for my birthday, with many relatives and friends sending birthday greetings in various ways. I hope I will be forgiven for being pleased that most were by means other than by phone: in present circumstances, emails and FaceBook and Twitter greetings were best, and phone calls are often tiring. People have been very considerate that way, knowing that my sleeping patterns are quite erratic.

    In fact, the word 'pattern' hardly applies except that I am usually awake from late afternoon until late in the evening. Thereafter it is anyone’s guess – including mine – as to whether or when I am awake.

    One call I did receive, at a perfect time in the morning, was from Chrissie in London, and it was great to talk to her, still excited from being on the Mall for The Wedding. You know, that one - that already seems an eon ago after events in Pakistan on my birthday....

   The other delightful call, on the evening before my birthday, was from Elvie. How terrific she sounds, now 90 yrs old and perfectly with it, filling me in on family details I have been wanting to know.

    I also got an email from Alice and Sylvia in Rome, which I was very happy to get. Unknowingly, they had timed their arrival with the ceremonies for beatification of Pope John-Paul, so Rome was crawling with Catholic devotees from across the world. Their hotel is in sight of the Coliseum, which they are enjoying hugely. They’ll move on to France next week.

    In the afternoon, Tracey, Christian and I went down to a quiet pleasant coffee shop in the edge of the town centre, and had our time before dinner enjoying the atmosphere, drinking excellent coffee and choosing some fine Japanese tea, which I am drinking this morning while typing this. It is very delicate in taste and aroma, and I’m enjoying its subtlety.

    In these ways it was exactly how I hoped it would be. But there is a darker side. Please read on if you’re interested.

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