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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Several people have now said they tried to post a blog comment, and it wouldn't go through. I've tried several times to make comment posting as free as possible, but it seems the program is quite temperamental on this.

May I suggest that before you hit either 'Review' or 'Post' your comment, you highlight what you've written and Edit/Copy the text so that even if it disappears, you can paste it back in and try again - OR

Select the Anonymous option, paste it in there, and sign it at the end (if you don't really want to be anonymous!) That one always seems to work - OR

Type your response in a Word doc or somewhere else, save it, and then cut and paste your text into the blog comments window.

If all that fails, let me know please!

NOTE: if you are using the Google login option, log in firstly to your email and then go to the blog. DON'T log out of gmail before going to the blog. Just go to the blog page directly.

If you log out of Google gmail and then go to the blog and try to comment, it will probably fail.


  1. I've found it makes a big difference if I use 'anonymous',yes.

  2. What a wonderful story!! See the benefits of bringing in an explurt witness. How I longed for one as I battled with a room full of men, trying to get them to understand how a 6 year old child could be abused for 2 years with no one realising what was going on. In the end, though, with no explurt witness, we did get a good result, but it was a long, painful process. It was the defendant's lying on the stand that really brought him down.

    Pity Stern Hu didn't have you as an expert witness.


  3. I'm not so sure Hu would have benefited, Joan, as it would have been pretty much a done deal before he stood up in the courtroom! I'd surely face a US court a hundred times than one Chinese one, which isn't to say the Chinese don't get it right. Re your battle over child abuse, things have changed to some extent, though sadly the law can be misused both ways. I'm not sure how much it was understood that I was trying to use the location of the US Embassy as a metaphor as well as a fact, but something seems to have got the message across. PS When you said " It was the defendant's lying on the stand that really brought him down" I thought for a minute that he must have been engaging in a pre-planking form of planking!

  4. Yes, you're right about Hu. He was the fall guy, and I notice he's not appealing the sentence.

    Yes, things have changed re child abuse. At least now it's recognised that it does go on. Of course the "false memory syndrome" gets a lot more publicity than the wider reality, except when it suits the Federal Government just before an election.

    I haven't been able to discover what sentence the planker got. I've been chasing it all over the district court system, from one court house to the next. I'm now trying Paramatta, but have been unable to get on. I feel sorry for his mother, who would have had to get leave from Armidale Hospital in order to sit in the court room at least 5 times now, none of them in Armidale, waiting for a sentence. I feel very sorry for her in all this.


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