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Friday, September 2, 2011

That pesky Comments problem

I'm continually getting reports that people wanting to make blog comments have found a very frustrating problem. In spite of doing everything right, when they've written their comment and asked it to POST it, their comment has just disappeared.

  I had occasional difficulty with that myself, even resorting to posting the comment anonymously and identifying myself at the end of the comment, but generally it worked, so I couldn't quite see what the problem was. Then, for reasons I won't go into here, I had reason to use Firefox as the browser rather than Safari or Chrome on the Mac, and Chrome on the laptop PC (which uses Vista as it operating system).

  Firefox worked near perfectly for what I wanted on both the Mac and the PC, EXCEPT when it came to posting a comment on my blog and other people's blogs. I'd be logged in to my Google account first, go to the blog and write what I wanted to say, take the precaution of saving the comment to the computer's memory (CTRL-A, then CTRL-C on the PC) and then try to PREVIEW the comment. (If it works on PREVIEW, then it's going to work when you hit SEND.)

  But on Firefox it wouldn't do it. Why? Danged if I know, but Firefox (which is Mozilla based) does have its idiosyncrasies.

  SO... if you can't COMMENT on the blog and you're using Firefox, try using another browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari). BUT always type your comment in Word or Wordpad or gmail and COPY and PASTE it into the COMMENTS window to avoid losing it.

  I'd like to know if this solves the problem. Email me if you can't comment!

  (What do I mean by saving in gmail? I've got a fantastic hint concerning saving your work and saving yourself oodles of grief when you're online.... another time.)


  1. The routine for logging in with a google account using Vista is to write your message, select all and copy (using right click), then post comment under google. A login page comes up. Un-tick "stay signed in", enter your google email address and password and post. The blog page comes up with your comment ready for editing. Post comment. This always works for me now and I had terrible problems for a while, especially when "stay signed in" was ticked. When I un-ticked it, all worked perfectly; however, I still select all and copy.

  2. Excellent, Joan. Thank you. I thought I'd try that with Firefox/Google/Mac. Massive fail. Simply won't post, even anonymously. I'm not sure if this happens for Firefox/Vista/PC but will check when next on.

    BUT if you're on Firefox/Google/Mac, seems you can forget about commenting. Safari works, but switching is a pain when I have other reasons for using Firefox.


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