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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tip to save data when away from home

Just before I go to rest, here's a simple tip for temporarily saving some item or electronic data to retrieve from anywhere. If you're using a friend's computer and connection, writing from a wifi hotspot with your laptop or using a public computer at some place like a town library, this is for you.

  There's just two requirements: you need (1) to be online and (2) have a gmail or any other web-based email account, like yahoo or hotmail. My personal preference for an online email account is gmail, because it autosaves frequently or you can save manually also, but other online email programs may work in the same way.

  Let's say you need to store something temporarily - an email address, an important URL or an idea. This is great for composing something on the fly or copying and pasting a block of text from an article on the net.

  Open gmail, and hit Compose Mail.

  You now have a space to record any or all of the above, and maybe even more, depending on where you are and what it is. Just write it in the usual space for text, or copy and paste it in that window. There's no need to address it to anyone, even yourself, or bother with a subject header, though you might find the latter useful at a later date.

  This records a draft of your information. As long as it's saved, either automatically by gmail, or you save it manually, it's done! Log out of gmail, close the laptop or the computer, and the next time you open gmail from anywhere, your draft is there.

  Easy peasy, hey?


  1. Ping! I do this too - and sometimes even email stuff to myself so that it pops up on my phone for an easy reminder! (or in case I forget to check my drafts...I always check "new" emails!)

  2. It's very useful. I created a gmail account with one purpose only - to BCC (blind copy) every outgoing message from my university account using a different email program (the wonderful old Eudora!)

    This meant I had an online record of everything I sent from the university account, including attachments. This record saved me countless times when I needed to check something I'd written from the uni address - viewable and searchable from anywhere in the world.

    This could be done with Outlook Express on a PC, e.g., or whatever is used these days on PCs.

  3. ps - do you have a twitter account, Jackie? Hey, and look at that time above! 10-02-2011 11.11! 2s and 1s. (What do they say about small things and small minds? :))


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