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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Diary Update Sunday, 31 October 2010

Too many words? OK, just read the text in bold face then, lazybones!

It’s Sunday, and I can’t say it’s been a bad week for the James-Pearson-Wright household, though with no glittering stars at any point apart from a visit to the Morgan estate and a first happy encounter with Miss Eilish Morgan. [see photo below.]

It’s Halloween as well, for those who have decided to go over to the Dark Side and celebrate it. Tracey pointed out we have nothing in the house for Halloween Demons but I suggested we could offer them a glass of prune juice and a few of my blood pressure tablets.

Tracey has been having fun mowing the lawn, which seems to have the same properties these days as the magic beans that got Jack up the beanstalk. Warm humid days do that. Yet I wear a light coat because I can’t quite get used to the draught around my ears caused by sudden hair loss/thinning. When Christian walks past me as I’m sitting in the lounge chair, it’s like he’s carrying this little fan with him and blowing air across my neck. OK, he does displace some air given his height, but it shouldn’t feel quite like that!

He is out at the moment walking the Pine Forest with friends. It’s great for them outdoors and they are all ‘survivalists’ [my term] – I think there’s a strong Bear Grylls factor there. If you don’t know what I mean, forget it – they are hiking and looking forward to a camping trip in the National Park after HSC is finally over on Wednesday week – just the one exam after a gap of a couple of weeks.

Medically, I have been OK – a bit touchy with the decrease in steroids – well, I’m putting it down to that. Tracey might think [though she hasn’t said it!] that I’m just developing into a Grumpy Old Man at times when some limitation frustrates me.… come to think of it, I would be a very good candidate for that show, as I’m sure I could turn grumpiness into the art form that is required for it, if they want new grumps.

Just as happened last month, I feel as if the Avastin euphoria tapers off after the first fortnight and it’s a bit like my get-up-and-go clock slowly winds down till the next hit of the drug. It’s not quite like I feel it got-up-and-went: I feel as if gravity has increased by about 30%, and if I lie down to get my twice-daily hit of Clexane, I just want to stay there and sleep. This may be steroid withdrawal effect too, I suspect, as we continue to decrease the dosage. It has gone down this month from 8 units with chemotherapy to 4 to 3.3 to 3 and will be 2.5 tomorrow. What a junkie!

I haven’t worn a right arm support sling for days. But I think I should be exercising it more. I must be lazy. I am sleeping pretty well but at odd times.

Let’s look forward, not back.

GP visit, blood tests, physiotherapy for me, a couple of appointments for Christian. I think I’ve had twice my body weight of blood sucked out of me in the past 10 months, but you wouldn’t want any of it, believe me.
MRI in Tamworth – what fun! But MRIs don’t bother me any more now that we appear to have no great fear of sudden seizure. It’s just a very boring 50 minutes or so going in and out of the MRI chamber with those weird noises and nothing to do but count my breaths.
Friend’s visit at 5 pm. Other visits are welcome but best to check by phone or email first or you may find me asleep – and my guardian angel won’t wake me for anyone. Not even someone as fantastic company as you are!
California Suite. You guys better be good. This is my first foray into the theatre world since Into The Woods. If I’m going to climb those stairs at the Hoskins Centre you better make it worth my while! OR…GRUMPS WILL GET YOU!!!!

Me, with my latest girlfriend, Eilish Morgan

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