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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Diary update

Not much, really. I guess no news is good news. Hmmmm – not necessarily, but in this case, yes. Sort of. Put it this way – I’m still around. I’ll indulge in a bit of a whinge. If that's not what you want to read about, ignore it! :)
Musical aches and pains!
I made a mistake last night of not sleeping with the sling on my right arm. I thought it didn’t matter, even though it had ached like crazy earlier and Tracey had put the sling on me for the first time in days. This morning it was like all the shoulder bones had been jumbled up, and each movement was annoyingly painful.
At the same time while watching TV last night, my leg, raised in the armchair, stopped aching and was quite comfortable. Then when I got up, I found that the arm had decided not to ache, but when walking, the leg pain now spread through the swollen right calf – no worse, just more diffused than ever before. Clexane spreading the vascular load a bit? I don’t know.
Both arm and leg were comfortable enough by the time I went to bed. This morning the ache in the leg has centred back behind the knee.
The GP  has said that some walking exercise is good, given the a clot in my groin area. I was surprised to know that, imagining that movement right now could break up the clot and it could start travelling, or bits of it could. Apparently it doesn’t work quite that way. If exercise is good then I’d happily shamble round half the day, but he doesn’t mean to go that far. He means that circulation needs to be kept up, I guess. That’s also logical. I mean, it’s not like this condition would have developed overnight – it must have been building up for weeks or months after stopping Clexane injections in May while I’ve been trying to get some physical fitness back.
Has anyone else had experience in management of clots? Vascular embolism, I mean, not the other sort! I'd like to hear from you through the comment section or by email.


  1. I imagine Tracey is doing a lot of internet searches on this...I'm sorry to hear about the arm, too. Talk about swings and roundabouts (or snakes and ladders!). Very aware of your situation and glad at least of this blog. xxx

  2. What I've discovered just in the past 24 hours is that it is more important to change the position of the leg frequently rather than to walk around too much. I guess it's a bit like coping with deep vein thrombosis on a plane. And yes, snakes and ladders is all too good an analogy to describe my year so far....

  3. Sorry to hear about this. My sister in law has a clot in her leg. Has spent some time in hospital and has now been told to wear a support bandage for 2 years and some other things. Don't think her experience is necessarily in line with yours. Ingrid

  4. You're right that each experience is different, Ingrid, no matter the origin of the problem. I was talking a couple of days ago to a good friend who had compression stockings put on her after her surgery. Within 24 hrs her legs above the stockings blew up like balloons and she could not even identify her knees. She was told to keep the stockings on. Finally, as things were getting worse, she decided herself to take off the stockings, and within hours her legs returned to normal.
    I am not saying that compression stockings don't work as I'm not a medico, and I'm sure they do in the right circumstances - all I am doing here is to relate an incident which may just happen to be useful for someone to know about and to check with those who are supposed to know if weird things start to happen. This is NOT medical advice!


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