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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here's the deal....

Mini update
Today's ultrasound revealed an impressive sized clot right up in the thigh area and not where I expected it to be - behind the knee. Clexane is the sensible treatment - more  localised in its effect than Warfarin, which is probably more recognised as a blood thinner than Clexane. We need the effect to be as localised as possible - or at least well away from my brain. 
The dosage is high and twice a day - lucky I have an expert injector who rarely leaves even a bruise. 
The goalposts have been moved quite substantially by this development. The main thing that matters right now is to get rid of the clot safely as soon as possible.


  1. Thanks for keeping us informed. Well,avastin is known for side effects, and I suppose it could have been a worse one (though I know this is very dangerous). At least you are treating it with an inhouse attendant! What side effects does the clexane have though..and what else can be done? Physio of some kind? Chin up, old bean, what?

  2. No, nothing like physio. The sonographer wouldn't even press the skin with the ultrasound thingo, like he would normally, in case he dislodged any of the clot! Clexane is pretty much it.

  3. Clexane is a blood thinner so it carries attendant risks related to thinner blood flow. It's the only thing that has a chance of removing the danger right now. So we need to be careful, vigilant and a bit lucky.

  4. Good luck. Hope it behaves and goes away.


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