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Friday, October 22, 2010

Diary Update [brief!]

Avastin = no seizures = start of serious self-performing physiotherapy for rewiring unused part of brain [90% of it! :) ] to regain more mobility and right arm movement. Very exciting.

This will continue as long as there are no more seizures.

Post chemotherapy recovery going well.

Christian’s Ancient History exam nearly over…. Much to relief of his mother.


  1. I hated history at school but loved Ancient History solely due to a very inspirational teacher - chance sometimes plays a role in things. I even remember my textbook from all those decades ago - Breasted's "History of the Ancient World".
    Great to hear that things are looking good at the moment Den.

  2. The teacher makes a fantastic difference to how students react to any subject. Any subject can be made interesting if taught the right way. With history of any kind, the 'story' part of the word is critical, but is often ignored, sadly.

    I'm having a bit of unexpected difficulty at the moment with unexplained swelling in the right leg and strange allergic reactions. We are keeping tabs on this. Funny how such things arise late on a Friday or on a long weekend....

  3. Johhny, he's just like a big kid...getting something weird/wrong happening when it is the most medically inconvenient time of the week!


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