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Monday, October 25, 2010

Footnote to last story, Diary Update

Footnote to my last story: 
It's been suggested that it is hard to imagine how all the events described - from Grade 7 at primary school, to teaching primary school children, completing a university degree and then becoming a staff member of the University of Queensland - could be packed into little more than a decade. 
Here's how it worked. 
1959 Completed the State Scholarship public exam at the end of Grade 8. If you wanted to go on to High School, you had to pass this exam.
1960-1963 student,  Gladstone State High School. There was a public exam [Junior] at the end of the second year at High School [now called Grade 10] and another public exam at the end of the fourth year [Senior - now called Grade 12 or Leaving]
1964-1965 Student at Kelvin Grove Teacher's College. 
1964 Studied 'Cultural History of India' at Queensland University by Evening Class
1965 Studied 'Contemporary Southern Asia' at Queensland University by Evening Class
1966 Appointed primary teacher at Gladstone Central State School
1966 Studied 'The Modern Far East' by External Study from Queensland University while teaching
1967 Studied 'Europe to 1815' by External Study from Queensland University while teaching
1967 Transferred to Calliope State School as Primary School Teacher
1968-1970 Studied full time on a Commonwealth Scholarship at the University of Queensland, with Honours in History
1970 [December] Appointed as Tutor, History Department,  University of Queensland.
Diary Update:

HSC Maths exam for Christian.
After this, just one to go!

Medical: Swelling in right ankle remains, but stable. Maybe a little reduced overnight. No residual pain.

Our theory is that, as the only medication change has been to continue the planned incremental reduction in amount of steroid, that the reduction is allowing symptoms from the presence of the clot to be unmasked. But the swelling will definitely have to be monitored... it's an indicator.
In other words, inflammation could be slightly increased, which may also explain increased tiredness, 'heaviness' in right leg, and decreased mobility. The right arm seems to be little affected and remedial work on it is continuing.

Three weeks of Clexane injections have been completed in this last session of blood thinning - 42 injections so far!

Me at high school

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