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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another new life opportunity

My co-Board-Member and President of BODHI Australia wrote to me yesterday:

The second recipient of the Denis Wright Scholarship for Underprivileged Girls through UCEP (in Bangladesh). Like the first recipient, she also wants to be a nurses' aide. She is the youngest of 8 children and lives with her sister in a tin shed. Her parents are dead. She works the longest hours of all the girls presented and seems to have it the roughest....
Her income is presently 1600 taka ($18.50) per month - about 60c per day, or less than $5 per week - and out of that has to pay her share of all household expenses as well as food, travel and personal items.

This scholarship with put her on the first leg of her journey to fulfillment, security and, as a corollary, nation-building for Bangladesh.

If you want to know more about this scheme view here and here.

Other site and contact addresses: @BODHIgroup


  1. You are a nice person, Denis Wright.

  2. So wonderful to see an actual opportunity for this girl. Every day here in India I feel the thin ice of luxury we live on compared to the millions struggling in the ocean of poverty all around -yet there are more opportunities than once was the case, I can see that too, with the increased wealth circulating, somewhat. A survey has just found though that 42% of Indian children are undernourished. Programmes are put in place but the money is all siphoned off by the systemic corruption. Another comment though -every time I see statements of the amount of money poor people live on, I feel it is also a bit misrepresented to the western world. $18.50 is a lot more in Bangladeshi terms than it would be in Australia! I mean, it's terrible poverty, but it's liveable (in a VERY basic sense).



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