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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I'm going to be Amaze-ing!

Alice swims across Port Phillip Bay

My daughter Alice is a bit of a soft touch when it comes to helping others. She's always been like that. She's her father's daughter in that sense. I think it's a good quality myself, though can be inconvenient at times.

Last night she emailed me and asked if I could help her by posting something here about what she's agreed to do.

Here it is in her own words (this was written for an internal Monash University publication for distribution amongst her colleagues):

I'm going to be Amaze-ing!

Once again I am endeavoring to test my athletic limits as I have signed up to be part of the Monash Team to swim in the first Marathon swim of this kind in Australia! This is a fundraising event for Autism Victoria (Amaze). 

The 42 km swim crosses Port Phillip Bay from Point Lonsdale to Brighton, and takes place over 2 days, 10-11 March. I will be doing this as part the Monash Corporate relay team of 10 swimmers. The ABC will be making a documentary about it, so I could be famous!!

I am not a super-fish; I am an average swimmer and I really didn't like the swimming carnival at school. This is a BIG challenge for me. I am very excited about it and to be able to do this for all those people who can't.

I'm also looking forward to achieving something I have never done before.

We have a fund raising page

If you can spare a few dollars, please sponsor me (and the Monash Team) via this website. Any support will be greatly appreciated, and will spur me on to swim as hard as I can!

I am a late entrant so am way behind in the fundraising stakes, but hope I can make a late charge and still make a difference for Amaze.

Many thanks


I went to the site and yes, as you'll see at the bottom of the image, her participation does look a bit sad. Coming in late she's had no chance to raise any money yet for a very worthy cause. 

Autism is a particularly difficult condition for all concerned, but there is a lot of research going on, and a lot of thought going into making life better for autistic children and their families.

It's just a matter of going to the website and providing a little sponsorship.

Any takers? Or, should I say, any givers? Any help at all would be appreciated.

The team. Alice Wright (far right)

Giants of the Bay Website

Help me please? For an autistic child....
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  1. Denis how proud you must be of your wonderful daughter. I applaud Alice for making a difference and committing to this challenge.
    I used to worked with Autistic children and while extremely challenging at times I regard those years as incredibly rewarding.
    Best of luck to the whole team!

    1. Thanks, Annie. I'm proud of both my daughters, my stepson and stepdaughter. They're all out to make the world a little bit better place than when they entered it.

      You can't ask more of your family than that.

      I have not had a lot to do with autism personally. I came across it for the first time as a student-teacher in the early 1960s. I don't think it had a name at the time; not to us, anyway.

      I suspect there's much ignorance and confusion about the condition still, but things are vastly different to what they were decades ago.


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