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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interlude: things that matter

On 2 December 2011, I wrote a special posting about a remarkable man, who, as is usually the case with remarkable people, don't see themselves as particularly special – just dealing with the challenges life hurls at humanity. In particular, when "challenge" vastly understates what's happening.

He responded to that posting just yesterday, to which I suspended all other operations and wrote a reply this morning. You don't ignore your brother-in-arms because you're too busy or feeling too lethargic.

Responses to a posting from many months ago are likely to be buried under the internet mound in the blog graveyard, and don't have a chance of being noticed by most people, even though they may be very interested in what's happening with people like us. For that reason, I'm pulling this one to the top of the mount and drawing your attention to the posting, Glenn's response and mine. 

"Good news", in cases such as these is always tempered by subsequent developments. Good news remains good news, but things don't stay the same. 

Still, we appreciate the joys when they arrive.


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