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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Recent Additions to the Blog

Just as I thought would happen, this blog has started to evolve; to take shape. It is falling into three categories.

  • updates
  • recollections
  • medical discussion and information

though of course there are no clear boundaries between them. It is likely to evolve further and I'd like to think you are part of that process through feedback. Thanks very much to those who have commented so far.

Here's what's happened that's new.

1. A SEARCH button - see Find your way round this blog on the right of screen for more information under Additional Information to show you how it could be used.

2. Most popular posts feature - this doesn't necessarily mean the type of posting you prefer though! Scan the Blog Archive for this month (and earlier ones) for items you may like.

3. A Quick Feedback choice added just today at the bottom of each posting. I'd be happy if you used it to help me plan for future items. Don't be afraid to go back to earlier postings and check one of the boxes.

I plan to add one more item to the list on the right hand side of these blog postings. This is a Quick Overview/What's Coming Up page simply called WHAT'S NEW! for those of you who don't have much time or inclination to go through blogs.

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