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Monday, November 22, 2010

Isn't it amazing?

Isn't it amazing? I joined Twitter quite a while ago, believing that when I did, I would quickly get the hang of it. As a person who rarely uses my mobile phone, which is years out of date anyway, there didn't seem much point to Twitter for me. 

But over the last few weeks, I’ve tweeted my blog on occasions, and sat back and waited. This probably isn't a proactive sort of tweetish thing to do, but then I don’t really know how to be proactive on Twitter.

Hey but guess what? In the last couple of days, suddenly I’ve developed a few admirers.... there’s Helena and Elizabeth, and Aida and Joanne, and they have one thing in common, apart from desperately wanting to be my Twitter friend and ‘following’ me on Twitter. They’re all in about their 20s-30s, all ladies, from places like Russia, and by sheer coincidence it seems, they have sent me pictures where they've forgotten to put all their clothes on. How embarrassed would they be to know that! They've even made movies of themselves just for me. I haven't looked at them yet, but I’m expecting they'll be nicely dressed in their national costume, singing traditional songs perhaps.

They also want to chat with me! Twitter must be a great way to make friends. I might do that. I’ll tell them all about dichloroacetate in glioblastoma research and new cancer treatments, and stuff like that. They’ll be fascinated, I’m sure.

Footnote: since beginning this posting I find that two more nice new women have become followers of my blog and want to give me their website addresses and phone numbers! But I have to say, there really are some very careless women in Russia and some other foreign countries, because, like the other amazingly attractive girls in their photos, they appear to have forgotten to dress.

Or maybe they are very poor and can't afford clothes; just a camera, a computer, an internet connection, and nice hairdos and makeup.

Oh well, it’s nice to feel so wanted…. I’ll let you know what their movies are like, and how our chats go. If the pictures of them in national costume are good, I'll post some of them here for you. I'm not a prude, but I'm sure they wouldn't want me to put here some of the ones they sent me!

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