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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Laughter IS the best medicine!

An old saying... where does it come from? the Reader's Digest, I fear... but you have to laugh sometimes.

Picture this. I am lying on the bed with stomach exposed, and Tracey begins the first of the Clexane injections for the day. Just after insertion of the needle, Christian walks in. 

'There's a typo in your blog' he says, 'or was it intentional?' and he told us what it was. You try spotting it.

I burst out laughing, which is not a great idea when you're being injected with 60 mls of Clexane. Tracey was desperately trying to keep the needle in place, but it's a bit of a challenge with a quickly moving jelly belly target. She did a great job considering she was trying not to laugh too.

The funny thing is, while sometimes these injections can hurt a bit (if you're an injection wimp as I am), I never felt a thing while laughing so much! However, given the 'sewing machine needle' effect on my belly, I don't recommend it as a counter to pain.... :)

1 comment:

  1. ha ha...
    I have to say I have loved reading all the stories and memories! This is such a wonderful thing to do. Keep it going guys.


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