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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The mystery parcel from Lovecorner


  Our bell near the door is a veritable triumph in mellifluous tintinnabulation, especially as Christmas approaches. The postman was at the door with a parcel.

  The postman is a frequent visitor to our place, what with eBay and all. Usually he is very bright and breezy. This time he gave Tracey the electronic signing book with a deadpan face.

  It was a smallish, almost square box heavily wrapped in strong brown paper. 'Sealed in plain wrapper' as is often said. The address said it came from Malaysia, from a business named "Lovecorner."

  'Wow!' I thought, with Christmas coming. 'What do we have here?'

  How could one not be excited at the prospect? Along with it came a quaint little note:

  If they believe we like it before even opening the package, this is very promising. If they sent it from the lovingest corner of Lovecorner, then all sorts of intriguing possibilities abounded.

  I would love to have had time to consider them, but....

  'Don't get too excited!' said Tracey with studied insouciance.

  'What's in the package?'

  'Tupperware. Little Tupperware containers.'

  I had no more 'querries.' Tupperware had been sent with love. What more could one want?

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