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Saturday, December 3, 2011

It's been two years

People who know me well enough will know that this blog doesn't focus on brain tumours as its main subject. If it seems to have done so recently, there's a celebratory aspect to it. One was my latest story, and the other is that today marks two years of my survival from the day the tumour was detected.

  I wasn't expected to survive this long, but through amazing medical intervention (and some wonderful people whose views I respect but don't wholly share would say through other interventions), here I am. In some ways I would say I am better off than at this time last year, though not in others. 

  The main thing is that, thanks to Tracey, my family and friends, I can still communicate pretty fully with everyone, in spite of memory lapses, and my quality of life is still acceptable. For this I am very grateful to who/whatever is responsible.

  I don't expect to write so much on this subject as the holiday season approaches, but this morning I did reformat the blog postings that told about how this all came to pass. They were some of the first I wrote, and the formatting was ... not good. Nothing of the substance of what I wrote there has been altered.

  If you haven't seen it, then here it is. If you have seen it, it now reads better!

  I'll write more on happier things for some time, unless there's a good reason not to. I've about twenty in mind!


  1. we are also very very grateful to whatever is responsible.

  2. I've been away a lot from my computer and was meaning to send you an anniversary greeting on the 3rd. Congratulations on still being here, and I hope for many more wonderful being here events.

    If you are out and about on Saturday, Dec 10, Carl and I will be attending the annual Christmas Exhibition and Sale at the Pottery Club, trying to flog off our wares. So maybe we'll see you, Tracey, and Christian on Saturday at the old bath house.

  3. Thanks, Joan. I hope to be here for as long as possible with a reasonable quality of life. Dec 10 is tomorrow. I don't have the faintest idea where the old bath house is, but then Armidale is a HUGE city after all! It sounds rather decadent, to its credit; definitely a place where potters and other decadent people should congregate. We'll see. I'd like to see what you've been up to.

  4. The old bath house is across from the TAFE, behind the swimmingpool. Hope to see you there. I'm rushing off now to clean up and set things up.

  5. I thought it was somewhere in that vicinity. Going through comments I realise that the event slipped my mind completely. That's par for the course these days. Most things just drop out the other ear, or wherever things ooze out of memory. If I recall correctly (not a high chance!), the weather wouldn't have helped you. I hope it worked out well.


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