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Thursday, December 1, 2011

The storm bird and little sense


  1. Out of your 329 blogs to date, Denis, I found this the most beautifully written and evocative. Presented as prose, I read it as poetry ... a haiku with too many syllables! Thank you.

  2. :) My favourite haiku on haiku is:

    seventeen syllables
    don't always say that much but
    that's haiku for you

    Thanks, Bob!

    PS So what if it's 6,7,4?

  3. That's so beautiful and 'centring'.I agree with Bob, it's poetry. Yesterday I was reading about rasa and bhava in Indian ragas and it explained poetry perfectly (it not being the words or sound used, but the effect of them, that ultimately matters). So there's another bit of Asian-influenced commentary!

    And what bird is the storm bird? The currawong? PS Today in the woods here I saw a Himalayan pheasant - it's a delight to be somewhere where the birds are different, but of course those in Australia can't be beat!

  4. I'm not surprised your thoughts are 'Indian' right now, Julie. I hope you are viewing some fascinating scene - where a natural one or overlooking a street, with all the sounds and smells of India. The attractive ones, of course.

    Rasa indeed. The magical fluid of all art, really.

    Bhava Samadhi is what it's all about. I constantly put off the writing the 'ending' to my musings on religion but I keep thinking that Hinduism contains every lesson that's possible to teach about philosophy and religion.

    The stormbird is a koel. NOT a currawong - one of my least favoured Australia native birds for the damage the koel does to small-bird populations. But as a member of the cuckoo family I must admit it has its own form of brutality.

    Nature at work. Enjoy your pheasant in the woods! I have another comment on Australian birds but it will have to wait or I'll get nowt done at all.

  5. What am I saying? I meant the currawong is my least favoured Australian bird, not the koel.


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