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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flying over the cuckoo's nest


  1. I miss the glorious sound of the currawongs of the New England Tablelands. They call often and hauntingly. Although, I'm now back home and hear the call of the beautiful birds of the Tweed Valley. Dear Denis, only discovered your blog tonight. Sending you love and strength. From Elizabeth (former student and lover of all things Indian)

  2. Hi Elizabeth. If you have, or had dark curly hair then I think I know who you are! After all, how many Elizabeth students fitting that description would I have had in my classes over 30 years? :)

    Life has unpredictable things in store for us, but Taoist philosophy does its best to teach us how to deal with whatever cards we're dealt. Thanks for your kind comments and I hope life is good for you. I'm happy to have brought back for you the sounds of New England.

    1. Yes, dark curly hair and I was always asking you for extensions on my essays and, bless your cotton socks, you always let me have them. I also had/have a leaning towards the dramatic! When I read your reply to my comments my feeling was "how wonderful, I'm again on the receiving end of Denis's wisdom and gentle soul". I'm getting a lot out of reading your blog. Thinking of you heaps. Will keep checking your blog. lots of love, Elizabeth B

    2. Shhhh! If you tell people about my giving essay extensions you'll ruin my reputation as a hard man, but it was hard not to when confronted by person weeping softly and copiously!

      By the way, Liz, I must tell you that the little Toshiba laptop you sold me for a pittance in the early 1990s when you gave up on it in disgust did sterling service in places like Bangladesh. No doubt you remember it.

  3. COPIOUSLY! Oh dear, was I really that bad? Yes, I was, wasn't I, I know I was. A lot of water (and a few tears!) under the bridge since then. May I please take this moment to thank you from the bottom of my heart for significantly helping to make my university experience one of the most wonderful and fulfilling experiences of my life. You're the best, Denis Wright.
    Ah! the Toshiba laptop. I'd forgotten all about it until you mentioned it. That thing nearly caused me as much angst as the thesis. I'm glad it redeemed itself with you.
    Back to the birds. I've been thinking about what you've written above about Aussie birds. There are a lot of black and white ones. Do you know if there is a reason for this?
    Liz B

  4. On reflection, I think most of the copious tears were in frustration over the computer not behaving as you wanted rather than the extensions, so I slandered you there. Thanks for your kind comments in spite of it.

    As to the B&W birds, I think it's not that we don't have as much variety in species, but that magpies etc are very successful residents and a lot of them can cope with exotic predators like cats better than some of the more brightly coloured ones. Perhaps it's more about which cope best with urban living, as in the bush, I'm sure it all changes.


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