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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My top 25 free eBooks released Jan 2012

Bless you, Gutenberg. These are my Top 25 pick of the free books which Gutenberg released in January 2012 either to read online or to download if you have any sort of eReader.

De gustibus non disputandum est! Which is to say, suit yourself.... There were scores there to choose from. Click on one below and it's yours. There are no copyright issues with any of these in Australia.

Classic Novels - Adult and Children

Intriguing or Seredipitious!


  1. I did post a comment but it's not here after all! Anyway, the repeatable bit is "I bet the AA Mine one is not about Eeyore" and you are just attracted by the title (wishful thinking:))

    I'm attracted to "What Katy Did Next" as I might get some hints.Lots of great ones there! "16 crucified saviours', really??

    Julie M

  2. I SAW your Eeyore comment last night and now it's gone! Blogger has been doing some odd things lately, even more so than not letting you log in via Google.

    I haven't read all the 'crucified' one yet and maybe never will, but read enough of one chapter online to be truly intrigued. Yes, I know it's probably the last thing you'd expect me to be reading about, but you never know.

    The thing is, if Gutenberg has bothered to process it at all, then there's got to be a reason. I go looking for the reason. And I usually find it!

    1. I forget now and again, because it's a new option, that there's a REPLY box now to each comment. Obviously, my last comment was a reply!

  3. Should you want more books, I somehow got my name on a list at the University of Chicago Press and they send me a free ebook each month - some more interesting than others. Let me know if you want more details. I'm intrigued by that AA Milne title.


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